automated tire pressure monitoring reduces your costs!

Exemplary ROI Calculation:

Train 3-S2 with 6x4 tractor and 2 axle – trailer; combined regional and long
distance application; annual mileage of 65,000 miles.
Ø fuel consumption 5.6 mpg, Ø tire price (mixt for all positions): approx. $ 400/tire;
Ø tire performance 130,000 miles with optimal tire pressure

Assumption (accord. Conti):
10% reduction of tire rolling resistance results in approx. 4% savings in fuel. 1 gal of
diesel consumption is equivalent to approx. 22 lbs CO2-emission. Tire underinflating
of approx. 12% results in approx. 4% increase in rolling resistance = 1.6% increased
consumption = 192 gallons/year; 192 gal x $ 4.00/gal = $ 768/year

Assumption (accord. Michelin):
Pressure deviation of 12% results in 5% degradation of the tire mileage;
savings on tire costs: 18 tires x $ 400 x 5% = $ 360

Assumption (accord. Michelin Euro Assist):
Prevention of tire failures: on average 2 tire failures over a period of 5 years
(1 failure each for tractor and trailer in 5 years) average cost per tire breakdown
(replacement of tire and breakdown service) in North America: approx. $ 1,000/
breakdown (no costs for delay or consequential charges considered))

Total savings

Total savings
Estimated cost for equipment of a trailer truck per train/5 years:
$ 2,750
Potential total savings for trailer truck over a period of 5 years: $ 3,990
Savings on fuel costs for a trailer truck over a period of 5 years $ 3,840
Savings on tire costs (assumption: 2,5 sets of tires in 5 years) $ 900
Savings on prevented tire breakdowns: $ 2,000

and in addition a reduction of CO2-emissions of 4,225 lbs/year and truck!

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